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Po.st gives you the ability to organize your content into campaigns. The campaigns feature allows your brand to have many sub-brands or sub-domains in one account. It also allows you to put your shortened link into a specific campaign.

For example, one group of links can be branded as 'Facebook' and another can be branded as 'Twitter', which gives you the ability to see which links you specifically used for each network or purpose. 


Starting a new campaign

To start a new campaign, click on the Campaigns tab at the top of your screen. You will see a button to the right with a plus sign that says, 'Start New Campaign'.


A popup will appear with a box for Campaign Name. You can put in any name you prefer then click Start Campaign.

If you have a custom short domain click the Set Custom domain name button. Insert your domain name in the box and click Start Campaign.
                        *When putting in your custom domain name, make sure it is all lowercase and there is no backslash at the end of the URL.

Your new campaign and custom API Key will show up immediately at the top of your Campaigns list.

To begin shortening into your new campaign, click on the Po.st logo or Links at the top of the screen. On the next page you will see a box that says 'Enter a link to shorten' with a drop-down menu and then a Shorten & Share button.

Put in any URL in the box, choose the campaign you would like that link to be placed into from the drop-down menu, then click Shorten & Share and you're finished!



Editing a Campaign

At any time you can edit your campaign name, reset your API Key or set a custom domain name for your campaign.

To edit, hover over the campaign and 3 icons will appear to the right, next to the word Clicks. If you hover over the third icon in that set, it says Edit Campaign, click that button.


When you click Edit Campaign, a popup will appear where you can edit the campaign name, reset your API key, or insert your custom short domain.

Make any changes you need to the campaign and then click Save Changes.

You can also edit any of those items from within a stats page for that particular campaign. Click on the campaign title and you will see a button labelled Edit to the right of the title on the next page.



Campaign Stats Page

If at any time you want to see stats for a particular campaign, simply click on the campaign title.

You can also click on Campaigns at the top to see your list of unarchived campaigns. Click on the name of any campaign to see the stats for each.




You can 'archive' entire campaigns or individual links. This will hide them from appearing in your list and your analytics.

How to Archive a Campaign or Link

Hover your mouse over the campaign or link and click on the trashcan icon all the way to the right to archive.


Finding your archived campaigns or links

Click on 'Links' or 'Campaigns' at the top, in the menu bar. At the top of the next page, you will see a trashcan icon that says Archived Links or Archived Campaigns where you can click and find everything you have archived.


To find archived links for a specific campaign, there is a drop down menu to the top right where you can choose a specific campaign.


How to restore archived content

You can restore an archived campaign or link at any time by going to Archived Campaigns/Links, hovering over the appropriate campaign or link and clicking the 'Restore' button.



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