Tumblr Integration


Follow these simple steps to integrate Po.st on your Tumblr blog.

1. Log into your Po.st dashboard 

2. Click on the Social Tools tab and customize the style and tools that you would like to use.

3. At the bottom of the tool setup screen you will see installation instructions section where the code you need is automatically generated.  For Po.st Lite, Floating Buttons, or Share Image you will only need a to use the "Load Script". For regular sharing buttons you will also need to grab the "Button Placeholder code"

4. On your Tumblr homepage, click 'Edit theme' in the top right-hand corner

5. Then click Edit HTML on the left-hand sidebar.


6. To display the sharing buttons under the Title of each post do a Find (ctrl+F or cmd+f) for <div class="post-content"> and place widget code directly underneath these brackets: {/block:Title}


*IMPORTANT* In order to pull in your individual post Title and Link, you must include these two parameters in your code.  data-url="{Permalink}" data-title="{Title}"

If you are using Pinterest on your image posts, add this to your code next to the title and url data-image="{PhotoURL-500}"


The Button Placeholder code can be added anywhere in your Blogger template you would like it to display.

This example shows how to setup your tumblr blog using the available options in the constructor. If you would like to further customize your sharing buttons you can check out some of our other support documents.

HTML Implementation

Javascript Implementation




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