Squarespace Integration


"Blog” Integration

Under "Advanced" settings for blog

Use our Secure Po.st Script in “Blog Header Code Injection”

·          <script src="https://s.po.st/static/v3/post-widget.js#publisherKey=EXAMPLEKEY" type="text/javascript"></script>

Use code for custom buttons (https://www.po.st/get-it) in” Blog Item Code Injection”




Page Integration


Go to the page(s) you want to use Po.st on and use a "Code Block" and insert our Po.st widget code in there, then move the block to change placement.


Make sure the page allows to “Add Block”:


Select the “Code Block”:


Add the code for you particular button layout (https://www.po.st/get-it):

Buttons appears on page:

Note: Disable the default share buttons.

To disable the default share buttons, go to "settings" and "share buttons", unclick each one to disable them:

Contact support@po.st or make a ticket if you need further help.

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