WhatsApp button

Po.st Sharing Platform features support for WhatsApp.

The button can only be an icon with the small, medium or large sizes (16x16,24x24,32x32).
For more information on icon size please review this document: 


In order to enable WhatsApp sharing button on your Po.st Widget, please use this code:
<div class="pw-widget pw-size-large">
	<a class="pw-button-facebook"></a>
	<a class="pw-button-twitter"></a>
	<a class="pw-button-googleplus"></a>
	<a class="pw-button-whatsapp"></a>						

Whatsapp can also be enabled through our JS API:
var pwidget_config = {
    defaults: {
        buttons: ['whatsapp']
<a class="pw-button-whatsapp"></a>
widget:javascript api
<div id="widgetId"></div>
    post_widget('#widgetId', {
        buttons: ['whatsapp']


More Services

The WhatsApp Sharing button is also featured in the list of Other Services when using our aggregate "P-share" button, aka, Po.st share:

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