Account Management


What is an Account?

An account is the container for campaigns, statistics, and links. The Accounts structure allows for users and accounts to be connected many to many (previously 1 to 1). Accounts are separate from email login to provide separation of access, such a scenario would be beneficial for an agency that wants to break apart logins per client or a large publisher who needs to track multiple regions separately.  


Account Management

As a user, you can have multiple accounts. Login to your primary account and hover over the top right hand menu. You will see a list of options, including "All Accounts" and "Add New Account...". View all your accounts from "All Accounts" and view statistics at a glance such as last 30 days of clicks. 

If you do not wish to use Multiple Account Management, then do not create any new Accounts. When you login, you will be presented with the Global Stats page for your singular Account. 

Switch Between Accounts

Once you have more than one account created, you can switch between them at anytime through the Top Right Hand hover menu or through the "All Accounts" page, showing you all your accounts and statistics at a glance.

Create a New Account

Add a new account directly from "Add New Account...". You can also add a new account by going to the "Account" tab in the top navigation menu and clicking "New Account" in the upper right hand. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for one. The name you use in the "Company / Account" field will be the name given to your Account, and you will be able to follow Multiple Account Management.

Change Account Name

You can change your account name(s) at any time. Go to the "Account" tab in the Top navigation and click on "Change" next to the account name.

Unlink Account

You can unlink your email login from any of your Accounts at anytime. Switch to the account that you no longer wish to be linked to. Go to Account tab in the Top navigation and then click "Delete" for your email on that account under Users.

User Management

Add a New User

You can add more users to your accounts by going to the "Account" tab in the top navigation. Enter the users email address and choose their role.

Invite New User

If you add a user who has not registered their email with, they will be sent an invitation email. The invitation emails contains a link to complete registration and be granted access to your Account. An email address that is already registered will be added immediately.  

Select User Role

The role can be Administrator or Manager. Administrators can add or remove users as well as manage links and campaigns. Managers can only manage links and campaigns.

Unlink User

You can also unlink users from your Account here. 

What if I already have multiple accounts?

If you created multiple accounts to manage your links prior to our Accounts update, then you can add your primary email address as an Administrator on each account to link them together.

If you like the way you managed multiple accounts, then you do not have to do anything further. Each of your accounts is still separate.


Same Name Campaign Feature

The "All Accounts" dashboard has an additional feature that shows the Same Name Campaigns across all your accounts. This is helpful for user case scenario such as a  user who want to see promotions for the same product but across different regions. Each campaign can be setup in an account for a different region (US, Europe, Asia, Etc.). The total links and clicks will be seen for all campaigns that share a name. Click on the campaign name to open up detailed reports split up per Account.  


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