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Tags are a free-form way to organize your links that is an alternative to Campaigns. You can have as many Tags on a link as you like, list all links with a particular Tag, and check combined click statistics of all links with a particular Tag.


When to use Campaigns and when to use Tags

  • Campaigns should be used for cases when you want separate targetable data sets (e.g. sub-brands) or separate settings (e.g. different short domains) for your links.
  • Tags can be used to split links by any additional meta-data you want. Social network they’ll be posted to, link owner, own site vs 3rd party, etc. are all good uses for Tags.


Managing tags to links

Create Tag(s)

To get started with using tags, navigate to your Links and choose to Edit one.

In the edit window, you will see a new section labeled as tags at the bottom.

Click into the input field and you can start typing the name of your tag, use Enter to confirm the tag. Once you hit Enter you can then type an additional tag. 


Once you create the tag(s) you want, click Save Changes, you will see your tags under your link(s).

Add Tag(s)

To add tags that you already made to a link, simply click into the input field and a list of your current tags will appear.

Click the tag you wish to add and it will be automatically placed. You can repeat the process for more tags. 

Remove Tag(s)

To remove tags from your link, you can either click the individual 'X' buttons in front of the tag, or click the Clear all button to remove all the tags at once. 

List of links with a tag

Using tags you can filter the statistics you see in your Links Dashboard.

Navigate to Links and click into the drop down list labeled "All Tags" by default. Notice that when you select to view different tags, the Total Clicks value changes to only the applied filter.



List of tags

You may want to see your tags in one place without sorting through links. We've added a Tags option at the top of the navigation. Use this to look at your list of Tags and search for Tags. Clicking on the tag will lead you back to the Links page with a filter of that tag applied.

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