Automatic Affiliate Link Creation

Follow can automatically add your affiliate ID to iTunes, Amazon, Ticketmaster and Eventim links you shorten.

The setting can be enabled for the whole account on Account Settings page. Links are recognized by the URL template that is unique for each system (the link(s) provided to you from the system).

Manage Affiliate System

Navigate to Account at the top. The Affiliate Systems feature is at the bottom of the Account page.

Add System

Click on the [ + ] (plus) button on the left to add a new system. Select the drop down menu to select the system of choice. Now enter the Affiliate Key provided to you by the Affiliate System. 

Remove System

Click on the [ - ] (minus) button to the right of the system you want to remove.

Supported systems:

  • Amazon (all countries with affiliate programs)
  • iTunes
  • Ticketmaster (US, UK, Canada)
  • Eventim
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