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Integrating Po.st Sharing Tools into a Weebly.com site is a simple process. Follow the steps listed here and you'll be live in no time!


1. Log into your weebly.com dashboard, locate the embed code button and drag it to a location on your site where you would like the Sharing Tool to appear.


2. Log into your Po.st Sharing tools account. If you do not have a Po.st Sharing tools account you can signup for one here.


3. While logged into your account select the customize buttons tab at the top of the page. 



4. On the customize button page you will have the option to choose between popular styles or customizing your own options. Select the one you would like and your code will appear at the bottom of the page. Please copy this code to your clipboard.



5. Switch back to you weebly.com site and paste the code into the embed code box you created previously.



6. Select the publish button at the top of the screen and your buttons are now live!

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