Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager


If you do not have a Google Tag Manager or GTM account click here, and follow the on screen instructions to complete your account creation. 


Once your account has been created and you log in, you will see the following screen:


On this screen please click on the Create Account link. This link will take you to the following page where you will begin setting up an Account/Container.



On this screen you will enter a name for the account and click continue.



After entering a container name (usually your website URL) you will select between Web, iOS, or Android depending on the location where the code will be used. After your selection click Create. This will generate a popup window with the code to place on your site. If you are installing Lite this code can be placed anywhere, but If you are installing our Sharing Tools Widget (social buttons) you will place this in the locations where you would like the widget to appear.



After clicking OK you will have the opportunity to create tags to go inside of this container please click Add a new tag.



On the next screen you will need to select the Custom HTML option, and then click continue.



After clicking continue you will enter a page allowing you to paste in the code that will be used in this tag. In this location using standard HTML format you can enter in your HTML, CSS, or Javascript required to generate your Lite code, or Widget Code. You can get code from the Customize feature in the sharing tools dashboard or visit our Integration Support page for additional options.

Once you've determined the code required to display your version of the widget please paste it into the configure tag block, put a check in the support document.write, and click continue.



You will now have the option to select where this tag "Fires" or loads. The most common option is "All Pages" for a description of other options please visit the support documentation for Google Tag Manager.



After clicking Create Tag you will have an opportunity to name this tag. Enter in a descriptive name and click Save.



Now in the top right corner of you screen you will click the red Publish button. This will bring up a review screen describing the changes that will be published to your container. If everything looks good click the Publish Now button.



A quick check for syntax errors will be performed by GTM and if the code is sound it will display a success confirmation screen. After seeing the success screen your code will be live. 


You can add or remove tags any time by logging into your GTM dashboard and making the required changes.


If you have an questions about this support document contact us at

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