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This guide is designed to help you setup the Floating Share button tool that sticks to the side, bottom, or top of the window and maintain it's position as a user scrolls.

This tool can be enabled through the constructor in the Social Tools tab of your dashboard or through the use of our Global Configuration Variable.

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Global Configuration Variable

To use a floating widget with the default settings you can set sticky:true

 var pwidget_config={


To customize the way your floating tool looks you can add in the following options. The configuration shown below will create a floating share bar that spans the width of the screen using the default buttons, and is always visible at the bottom.

 var pwidget_config = {
sticky : {
position : 'bottom',
widgetOptions : {
view: 'full'
KeyDefault ValuePossible ValuesDescription
position 'left'
'left' 'right' 'top' 'bottom'
'top-right' 'top-left' 'bottom-right' 'bottom-left'
left – screen left corner in the center
right - screen right corner in the center
top - screen upper side in the center (if view="full" for whole screen width widget)
bottom - screen lower side in the center (if view="full" for whole screen width widget)
top-left – screen top-left corner
top-right - screen top-right corner
bottom-left - screen bottom-left corner
bottom-right - screen bottom-right corner
offset See description item 1. 1. Array(x,y)
2. Function

Ability to set an offset from widget display point

(1) Default values for sides

Default Value
'left' 'right'
'top' 'bottom'


(2) Function for offset

    sticky: {
        offset: function(element) { return [30, 10]; },
        position: 'top'
toggleButton true
true false object (see description for options)

If this parameter is set, there will be floating widget hide arrow

(1) use default values if toggleButton: true


Key Name
Default Value
Possible Values
show 'always' 'always'

always – arrow is always displayed 

hover – arrow is displayed on widget hover



openOnInit true
true false

Hide/Show widget when the page is loading


defaults values from widget's global config (section "defaults")

widgetOptions: {
   buttons: ['facebook', 'twitter', 'linkedin'],
Any item in global config defaults section all possible values that can be included in the widgetOptions object are available here in the defaults section.

For help with setup contact support@po.st.

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