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Our "Share Quote" feature shows a pop-up with a list of social sharing options when a user selects some text on your pages and presses Ctrl+C. It entices users to share to social networks instead of just copying and pasting which brings more traffic back to your site.

The feature is switched on by default for the Sharing Platform, but if you would like to disable it or update the services that appear in the pop-up you can do so quickly and easily within your dashboard.  You can update this feature by clicking on the Social Tools tab in your dashboard and then clicking the update button in the Lite section.  

Once you are inside the Lite settings page you can toggle ShareQuote on or off and decide which services you would like to offer by clicking on each available service you want to include and hitting the add button.  Similarly you can remove services by clicking on them and hitting remove.  You can change the order of the services by selecting a service and hitting either the up or down arrow to the left of selected services.  

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