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By default any time a user copies text or images from your site a share event will be triggered, and the action is recorded in your dashboard.  There are several settings that can be updated in your dashboard for Copy text.  You can enable and disable Copy text, set the word limit for what constitutes and share, and update the Read More Text feature.  

All of these changes can be made by loging into your dashboard, clicking the Social Tools tab, and then clicking Update in the Lite Box.  

Enabling/ Disabling Copy text

Copy text by default is enabled, but if you would like to disable, or re-enable it you simply have to click on the toggle next to Copy Paste on the Lite settings page.

Changing the Number of Copied Worlds that Constitutes a Share

By default copying 7 or more words from a page is considered a share.  However, if you would like to make the necessary number of copied words higher or lower you can do so within your Lite settings as well.  You can input any positive number in the box marked Amount of Words to Copy and this will set a new minimum.  

Updating the Read More Text Feature

When you copy any text from your website and paste it somewhere, you will see a line of text under that quote that says "Read More at....." with a link back to your article.

The reason we add this is to track how many users copy selections from your site and share. Copy and paste shares are a large form of sharing on the web.

The hashtag and randomly generated numbers at the end of the URL are to there to track how many clicks you get back to that article from this copy and paste link.

This feature can be easily given custom text to replace the "Read more at" or disabled within the Lite settings.  Click the Default option for the standard "Read more at", the Custom option to input your own sentence or phrase, or Disable if you don't want any link included at all.  

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