Po.st Dashboard Definitions


After you first login to your Po.st dashboard, you will be given a page of stats on all sharing activity for your account.

You are presented with three key metrics: shares, clicks and virality.

Here is how we define each metric:

Shares: A share is registered in the dashboard any time a user clicks on one of the sharing channel buttons within the Po.st sharing tool, or copies 7 or more words from the site.  

Clicks / Clickbacks: A click indicates that someone has clicked on a link that was shared through the po.st sharing tool or a link that was included with the text copied and pasted from your site. They have "clicked back" to your site from a shared piece of content.

Virality:  Virality indicates how viral your content is by measuring how many times a link was clicked in relation to how many times it was shared.  The percentage listed shows you total clicks/ total shares x 100.  A higher click to share ratio will provide you with a higher virality.       

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