Adding Your Twitter Handle to


Customize Handle

Customize your tweets to display your Twitter handle.

Changes to your twitter handle can be made within your dashboard without any need to update your code.  You can make changes to the Twitter handle for the Classic Sharing Buttons, the Floating Sharing Buttons, and the Native Buttons within each of their respective settings pages.  Simple go to the Social Tools tab and click update on whichever section you want to change.  


If you are updating the handle for your Native Sharing Buttons, the Twitter the Twitter Share Via box can be found by under the Arrangement setting, and you can just type in whatever handle you'd like to change it to and hit Save & Activate. 


For the Classic Sharing Buttons, and the Floating Sharing Buttons, the Twitter Share Via box is located under Advanced Settings, right under Arrangement.  Simply type in the updated Twitter handle and hit Save and Activate.  


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