Using a Vanity Domain and/ or third party URL shortening service


When shares a piece of content, you may have already seen our link shortening technology in action.

For shares specifically to Twitter we automatically use the URL Shortener to shrink the link of the webpage being shared. 

Here is an example of what a share to Twitter from a Sharing Tool looks like below:

Image1_Regular Shortened

You can actually customize shares to Twitter, Linkedin, AOL Life Stream, Viadeo, and Kaixin from the Sharing Tool to show your own vanity domain in place of our "" domain.

How to Setup

1.) You have a vanity domain shortener powered by

First login to your URL Shortener Dashboard. Create a new campaign and set your vanity domain to be enabled on this one. Save the API Key from this campaign for further instructions.

Note that no short link URLs show up here, instead, you will see all links aggregated into the linked campaign's stats.

Now navigate to the Sharing Platform Dashboard:

  • Simply login to your Sharing Platform Dashboard
  • Click on "Administration" at the top
  • Click on Cross-tool Settings to edit your desired widget profile:


Now select the Shortening System from the drop down:


Enter your API Key into the box that appears:


2.) You do not have a vanity domain, or you are not using one with URL Shortener:

Please contact us at and we can help set up your URL account with a vanity domain and enable it to work through your widget.


3.) You have a third party campaign or third party powered vanity domian

Currently only supports and for third party use of the Shortening System. Login to your or account and locate your campaign API Key. Use this key after selecting the appropriate System from the drop down menu.

If your are using the Bitly API, you will need your Oauth Access Token, which you can find here when logged in to bitly:


Any other questions contact us at

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