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Placing shortened links inside Facebook ads can be a great way to track ad engagement through the Po.st dashboard.  Po.st click counts add an additional level of reporting that the Facebook 'Website clicks' do not provide.  Facebook 'Website clicks' though very similar sounding to Po.st 'Link clicks' track a different metric.  

Website clicks for Facebook ads represent any user on Facebook who visits the site within 1 day of viewing your ad, or up to 28 days after clicking on your ad.  This can occur completely independently of clicking the shortened link placed inside of your ad.  A user may see your ad on Facebook, remember the ad at a later time and search for your site the next day and it will still count as a website click, even though they did not directly interact with the shortened link.

The Po.st dashboard tracks Link clicks - a link click is a single instance of a user clicking on a shortened link and being taken to the destination URL.  So the only counts you will see are directly tied to interaction with that specific short link within the ad.    

These two metrics may be similar if most of the traffic is through users clicking on the ad and traveling to your site, or they may be wildly different if most of the interaction is from simply viewing the ad and organically finding the site within a day.  

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