1.  Login to your Ensighten Portal and select the Apps tag on the left hand side. 
2.  In the search bar type either "Po.st" or "RadiumOne"
3.  Select the v4 Po.st tag (not marked deprecated)
4.  You will first need to select the Po.st Lite (dark social) option 
5. On the next screen select the text value option and enter your publisher key.
6. The remaining settings on that screen can be ignored unless you want to create a design that isn't available through the customization options of the dashboard, or if you only want to use the dark social features. To setup your dark social options use the Po.st Lite setup in the social tools tab of your Po.st dashboard. You can also setup the Share Image buttons, or floating buttons at this point.
7. If you would like to include a set of standard buttons please select continue and and follow the instructions on screen to determine where Po.st Lite (dark social) and / or the floating / sharing buttons should appear.
8. Go back to the apps tab and create a new instance of the Po.st v4 Tag. 
9. This time select the Po.st sharing buttons option.
10. Next select the add another button option
11. Paste your placeholder code that can be found in the Social Tools tab under the Sharing buttons setup. You will also need to provide a css selector (.classname or #ID) of an element on your site where you would like this button set to appear.
Selector Example:
<div class="main-content">
     <div class="text"></div>
     <div class="footer></div>
If you used    .footer   the code would appear like
<div class="main-content">
     <div class="text"></div>
     <div class="footer">
          <div class="pw-server-widget" data-id="AxkLwwY"></div>
Placing your buttons inside of the footer section.
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