Dark Social Tracking Setup
1. Log into your TealiumIQ account and click on the "Tags" tab at the top of the screen
2. Click the "add tag" button on the right hand side and enter "RadiumOne" in the search bar.
3. Select the Po.st Sharing tag by RadiumOne
4.  In the configuration page enter your publisher key from the administrator tab of your Po.st Dashboard and then setup your load rules. We recommend deploying across all pages.
5. After setting the load rules click the finish option.
6. If you're only looking for the dark social tracking features of Po.st you can stop here and click the save / publish button at the top of the screen.
7. Login to your Po.st Sharing Tool dashboard click on the social tools tab and click update on the Dark social sharing tool.
8. Select which options you would like to track and click the save / update button to finish. Your dark social tracking is now in place and live on your site.
Additional options:
with the steps you've completed you are also able to use the floating buttons, and share image buttons. All you need to do is login to your Po.st dashboard and update / activate these tools, choose the configurations / design that you want and click save / update. As soon as you save the changes it will go live on your site.
Sharing Button Setup
*Note- in order to have the sharing buttons appear on your site you must first complete the dark social tracking setup
1. Go back into your TealiumIQ dashboard and click on the extensions tab and then the add extension button.
2. Select the advanced tab and then choose content modification.
3. Enter in a descriptive title to help you identify what this extension is used for.
4. Enter an identifier (an ID for one of the elements on your site where you would like the buttons to appear).
5. Go into the social tools tab in your Po.st dashboard and select the setup and activate button for the Sharing buttons option.
6. Select all of the options on this page to design the buttons to suit your need.
7. Click the save and update button at the bottom of this page.
8. Copy the button placeholder code 
9. Paste the code into the content section of your TealiumIQ extension.
10. Save your changes and publish to your production environment.
Feel free to reach out to support@po.st if you have any questions.
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