Create & Edit Custom Link on URL Shortener


When you create a link in, a random string of letters and numbers appear at the end of the URL. You can edit this random string to be a custom link.

This also works with custom vanity domains. 

For example: If you currently use bitly and we can change the url if we want to promote a certain campaign, like changing to Is this possible with - YES. Here's the sample screenshot and steps. 

Step 1: 
After you login with your account, click the "edit link" button in your "links" page [ ]

Change the auto generated "shorten" URL as per your need

Finally click "save changes". you are done

It will get reflected in your dashboard. If you want to change this link again then it's doable. 


  • The character limit for custom links is 255
  • Special characters are not permitted (%, ?, #) 
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